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Men's Ministry
- Where men gather to help and encourage one another

Recovery Home
- FREE to men who are tired of substance abuse and want to change

Youth G.A.N.G
- G.A.N.G - Gods Anointed Now Generation. Preparing the future of the world

Young Adult's Ministry
- You are old, but not too old. Join in to have a good time in Jesus

Usher's Ministry
- Are vital to help with keeping order in the house   of God
Women's Ministry
- A time when the ladies meet and are strengthened to do Gods will

Couple's Ministry
- For you and your spouse. A time for building and strengthen the home front

Kidz G.A.N.G
- G.A.N.G - Gods Anointed Next Generation.   Training a child in the ways of the Lord

- Going to the streets to tell soul of the saving grace of Jesus

Praise Team
- Using our gifts and talents to praise the Lord